Web Design

The following mini-site was entirely my project, from talking with the Brand team and Creative about what they needed, to delivering the assets, directions and specifications to the developers and checking implementation. For more info on this project, check out the post about it.

DnD, as one of Wizards of the Coast’s premier brands, demands beautiful design, consistent with existent branding. This suite of assets, designed for the Neverwinter MMO exemplifies those traits and works with the existing website.


Wizards of the Coast obtains complete rights to the artwork they commission. That means they can do…. whatever they want, to it. That was a LOT of fun for me. Here are a few of my favorite art alters that I did in support of site content.


Hero pages need to grab attention, give information easily, and stick readers to the page. Here are some examples for the D&D site. What you see in each of these images is:

1) The raw art asset

2) The existing web content (which I had no say over)

3) The hero image by itself, with no content

4) Final Mock, as it appears on the site.


Some personal design work. These are/were sold as designs on my Redbubble shop. The style for my T-shirt designs is much more minimalistic that my other design work, intentionally so. Future additions to the shop will maintain this aesthetic.

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