Mobile Applications

AppTango, a start-up in Redmond, WA, created Vers:us as a way for the average Joe to pit This against That. Put in whatever you like, and Vers:us will compare Twitter, Facebook and other social media web presence.


Shoelace was meant to be a social app that allowed participants in a “Tough Mudder” style racing circuit to track training, interact, sign up for races and, most importantly, guide them through challenges during the race itself using QR codes. It was designed and coded, all the way through code complete, but unfortunately never launched because the race company was purchased by a competitor before it went live.


A company that hires sign-wavers, organizes them for you, and helps you make the signs to an ergenomic design with a curved bottom for easy waving, Movalytics needed an app that could check in and track their wavers. I focused on the UI/UX aspect, specifically that of the manager’s desktop dashboard, and how it interacted with the mobile app. Here are the wireframes.



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