Vianki Bruenderman is a Visual Designer pursuing form and function. She values the beauty of simplicity and refuses to let her designs become cluttered with the extraneous.

Here’s Vianki’s Resume  , for your downloading convenience.

With Original Magic Art, Vianki has designed Products, content and web assets for 3 successful Kickstarter Campaigns.

At Bsquare, Vianki is the UI Designer working on a suite of Enterprise Utility applications. She has dictated the Visual aesthetic, worked closely with UX Designers, Data Scientists, Developers and more to create a suite of products that achieve great things with IoT data and solve business problems in a seamless, beautiful way. Assets creation and Prototypes were created primarily in Adobe XD (pc beta) and Illustrator.

At Microsoft, Vianki was the lead designer working on updating the application Fresh Paint to integrate with Windows 10. The project had her wearing all sorts of hats, including design integrator, UX/UI designer, tester, and even some PM duties. Once Fresh Paint launched, Vianki moved onto the incubation team (now revealed as Everyday Magic) where future projects are prototyped. Specifics can’t be supplied because of NDA, but she continues to work in design, UI/UX, and 2D visual art.

At Wizards of the Coast, Vianki worked primarily on creating images to support daily content on Daily Magic: The Gathering. This fast-paced, high-volume routine fine tuned her ability to work quickly without compromising quality. Vianki also worked closely with Wizards’ Dungeons & Dragons brand, developing CTA’s, internal navigation, and creating style guides to ensure a high level of quality and on-brand materials, even when she wasn’t directly involved with the original design.

At Apptango, a small start-up in Totem Lake, Vianki designed the UI/UX for mobile applications. Vers.us and Shoelace were both opportunities to work closely with the customer, translating their needs into beautiful reality. From the wireframes to the final product, Vianki made sure to include the necessary components but keep the designs on-brand and elegant.

Questions? Comments? Want to get coffee and talk about an opportunity?



In her free time Vianki pursues photography, watercolor painting, apparel construction, home décor sewing, loves music, and bikes whenever she can. Her energetic personality and motivated creativity will be an asset to any project, and her work ethic is bound to impress.

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